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How we use SEO to help businesses in Maryland make money with their websites.

SEO Case Study #1:

Monica Browne Weddings

We're a Maryland SEO company, and we pride ourselves on our ability to help businesses in achieve online success by using organic search engine optimization (SEO).

We also believe that businesses in Maryland should start practicing search engine optimization and use their websites to make money.

Our latest success story involves a wedding planning company called Monica Browne Weddings.

Monica Browne Weddings, based in Bowie, MD, saw a staggering 75% increase in one year without spending money any money on paid advertising like Facebook or Instagram ads.

This case study will show the techniques used to get these results, including:


Our client, Monica, approached us to help improve her online visibility and drive more traffic to her website.

She was facing stiff competition from other wedding planners in the area and wanted to boost her rankings on search engines to attract more clients.

Monica had a limited budget and was unwilling to invest in paid advertising, so we had to rely solely on organic SEO techniques.

Our Strategy

We devised a comprehensive SEO plan, focusing on seven main aspects:

#1. SEO Audit

Before diving into our strategy, we conducted a thorough SEO audit to evaluate her current website performance and identify areas for improvement. The audit included analyzing website structure, content, technical SEO elements, backlink profile, and overall user experience. This assessment provided a baseline from which we could measure our progress and allowed us to prioritize our efforts for maximum impact.

#2. Competitive Analysis

We conducted a thorough competitive analysis to understand what strategies worked for her competitors. This helped us identify gaps and opportunities to outperform them. We analyzed competitors' backlink profiles, content, and on-page SEO to develop a data-driven strategy to outrank them.

#3. On-Page SEO

We optimized her website with the latest on-page SEO best practices, including optimizing meta tags, headings, and image alt tags. We also improved the site's content quality and ensured it was informative and engaging. This helped her website become more relevant to search engine crawlers, improving its chances of ranking higher in SERPs.

#4. Local SEO

Since Monica Browne Weddings is a local business, we focused on local SEO strategies to help her rank higher in local search results.

We optimized her Google Business Profile by ensuring accurate and up-to-date information, selecting appropriate categories, adding high-quality images, and incorporating relevant keywords into their business description.

We also ensured consistent NAP (Name, Address, Phone) information across all online directories and her website, and encouraged her to tell her clients to leave positive reviews.

This helped her appear in the local 3-pack, exposing her website to more potential clients in Bowie and surrounding cities.

#5. Google My Business Management

By incorporating an SEO audit, keyword research, competitive analysis, on-page SEO, local SEO, and Google Business Profile optimization into our strategy, we were able to create a well-rounded approach that addressed all aspects of monica Browne Weddings' online presence, ultimately leading to more customers finding her and more revenue growth.

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